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International Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences

A pilot sero-survey for surra in livestock in Karnataka by ELISA using flagellar antigen of Trypanosoma evansi

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Year 2015 Vol 4 Issue 4
Document Type : original article
1Ligi Jose 2 Sengupta P 3, Rudramurthy G. R 4 Rahman H.
1National Institute of Veterinary Epidemiology & Disease Informatics (NIVEDI)
2 Ramagondanahalli,
3Yelahanka, 6450
4 Bengaluru- 560064, Karnataka, India
Trypanosoma evansi causes trypanosomosis or ‘surra’ in domestic and wild animals and is transmitted by haematophagus tabanid fly. For successful control of the disease, it is important to detect the carrier animals followed by successive treatment. For this purpose a reliable serological test is useful for mass screening of the animals

In the present study, emphasis was given to address the need for the development of a mass screening serological test by using purified flagellar antigen of T. evansi for the detection of antibody against surra. Also a pilot sero-epidemiological study for trypanosomosis in different species using purified flagellar (FLA) antigen based indirect enzyme linked immunosorbant assay (I-ELISA) was conducted and compared with standard CATT/T. evansi test. The diagnostic potentiality of purified FLA antigen based I-ELISA (FLA-I-ELISA) was evaluated using 197 sera samples from field animals including cattle, buffaloes, horses and donkeys

Keywords: Trypanosoma evansi surra purified flagellar (FLA) antigen I- ELISA sero-epidemiology.
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