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International Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences

Letter to Editor

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Year 2012 Vol 1 Issue 1
Document Type : Editorial Desk

Dear Scientists and academicians, BioMedAsia (BMA) is an association of fanatical professionals willing to serve science/ pharmacy in vibrant manner and I am delighted to be a part of this organization. BMA is continuously gaining attention among scientific community worldwide. Living organisms protect itself in competition of life in many ways. Thus from the very beginning of their existence, man has familiarized with plants and other animals for their curiosity. As example has opted a variety of ways throughout ages in search of food and to cope successfully with human sufferings. Historical references show that even 5000 years ago the people in China, India were well aware of a large number of drugs. The Susruta Sahita and Caraka Sahita is great encyclopedia. There are still lot of areas of life science that are undiscovered. Moreover to know, how to make effort to continue basic research and make it as applied. International Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences ( IJFAS ) is an attempt to provide a platform so as to encourage knowledge sharing in the field of Fundamental and applied research . It is a peer reviewed online quarterly journal. IJFAS emerged with a view to sustain and support the horizon of knowledge from all areas of basic, pharmaceutical and other allied sciences. IJFAS has a widespread scope as multidisciplinary branches which requires knowledge from chemical, physical and biological sciences that have further merged together to develop several new subjects, areas of education, research and technology. We request to the entire scientific community to publish their investigations with us and share their scientific inputs in our esteemed open access journal.


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