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(ICV-Poland) Impact Value: 5.62

Online ISSN: 2278-1404

International Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences


Is IJFAS peer-reviewed?


    All articles accepted by IJFAS would be peer-reviewed before published.  Trusty Time


How to deposit publication fees?


    If your paper is accepted for publication, with the acceptance letter of your paper you will get the Account detail in which you can deposit fees simply by going your nearly bank branch or by online transfer.


What types of paper are published by IJFAS?


    IJER publishes following type of articles: Original Paper, Short Reports, Case Studies ,Review Paper , Literature Reviews, Book Reviews, Conceptual Framework, Analytical and Simulation Models and Technical Note


Is there a print version of the journal?


    Yes, IJFAS will provide a printed version on subscription and payment basis.


Can I submit more than one paper for the same issue?


    Yes, you can submit more than one paper at a time.  IWC Replica


My paper has been accepted for publication. When do I pay Article Publication fee?


    Article Publication fee will have to be paid after the manuscript has been peer reviewed and accepted for publication. The corresponding author will be responsible for arranging the payments.


How long will it take to peer review my manuscript?


    We aim to provide a service that is faster than traditional journals, without compromising the quality of the peer review process. The peer review process will be done in 21 days or depends on reviewers availability.


Can I submit my manuscript to IJFAS even though it has been published elsewhere?


    No. IJFAS only accept original articles, that is to say, manuscripts already published would be rejected.


When should I submit my papers? Are there any deadlines?


    There is no deadline for paper submission, so you can submit your manuscript at anytime. As long as the submitted paper is accepted and peer-reviewed successfully, it would be published in the upcoming issue.


Does IAEME provide a template for preparing a manuscript?


    Yes, for your convenience IJFAS has developed a template to help you prepare your manuscript.


Which type of file format do you accept?


    At present, Manuscripts must be in Microsoft Word format (word 2003 or higher) only.


How to submit a paper?


    Submit your manuscript by simply mail your manuscript as attach at To submit a manuscript electronically you need to convert your files to M S Word format (.doc extension).


When will I receive an acknowledgment email for my submission?


    Paper submissions are normally acknowledged within 12 to 24 hrs .


How long does it take for paper review process


    IJFAS normally take 21 days for review process.