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International Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences

Bioefficacy of diflubenzuron against subterranean termite

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Year 2012 Vol 1 Issue 4
Document Type : original article
1Aparna Kalawate
1Biology Division, Indian Plywood Industries Research and Training Institute, Bangalore– 560 022
Subterranian termite is a structure-infesting termite that accounts for a significant proportion of the damage wherever it occurs. One sustainable control strategy that usually helps to reduce the damage of subterranean termite is the use of insecticides which are safe to the environment. Hence, bioefficacy study of diflubenzuron, an environ friendly, chitin synthesis inhibitor was evaluated against subterranean termite.

: It was achieved by testing by testing the three different concentrations of diflubenzuron against subterranean termite as per IS 4873
: Diflubenzuron was found to be effective against subterranean termite. CONCLUSION: From the results of this study, it has been found that diflubenzuron at 1% concentration rate provided excellent control of termite. This is the first report on the use of diflubenzuron in the glue line to control the termite
Diflubenzuron, Subterranean termite, Chitin synthesis inhibitor, Wood preservation. @20
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